Tuesday, June 01, 2010


when we're three not one we're never more alive ... pagan nude on the exercise field on the top of the hill ... or in battle though covered in paint ... or in bed covered in sweat ... clever move though part of a solid plan ... of a logical mind of clear intent ... beautiful beyond sense for just that reason ... it's past the five senses into a sixth ... or maybe just common sense ... the things we take for granted in order to live ... or when you say granted let's get on with the argument ... or given this new finding let's start a new one ... a new argument for each new given ... why christmas morning is so important the gifts and the giver behind them ... for the very young and for the too young just the gifts ... not even a santa behind them ... and who on such a morning blames them ... that's what giving and thinking are meant to do ... sometimes joy and selfless concentration but christmas day and christmas night in reflection we settle for just plain being happy ... you see what I mean ... the things we see have been granted for a conclusion

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