Tuesday, June 15, 2010


consider the worst charge those who know you can with justice level against you ... devote the rest of your future to a defense against that charge ... an active defense ... play it for all its worth ... go down at the end if down you must but go down like a man ... if the great judge should lay the sentence on you what could you do if it read go away ... you still wouldn't go alone ... you'd split apart if you had to just to have someone to talk to ... in the middle of damnation there's still the mark of creation ... the touch of being ... only now it touches everyone there with pain ... avoid damnation ... it never will work out well ... defend yourself stand up like a man move your feet get in condition get yourself together make a plan ... there on the blank horizon in the middle pick the star to guide you ... did you pick right ... it should have been the sun ... pick the closest perfection the one that's always there whether you're out or in always at home indeed no home at all without him ... the son

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