Wednesday, June 16, 2010


nothing's as good as sin to drive you into your own head ... let me act this way says mr id ... if I'm caught I'll be set apart ... if I'm caught enough I'll be put aside forever ... I'll rule the only reliable kingdom ... and if they put me out I'll be more secure than forever ... and if they don't catch me it must be so they'll wish they did ... why have a mind and a tongue to tell it if you don't take possession of whatever you meet ... what's a thing there if it isn't really mine ... and if you think you're about to catch me don't you know I've seen this before ... I won't plead ignorance ... I've known enough too long ... I know in the end it doesn't work ... I'm not knocking at the door ... I'm putting another nail in the coffin ... I'd rivet the earth each inch of it before I'd turn to scratch that door ... this thing reason tells me will not work ... I still determine that it should ... one only will rule here the kingdom of sin in my head

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