Monday, June 14, 2010


let the thought of death canonize you let the fear of judgment make you holy stop being who you are become someone better all these things and more the angel of death whispers in my ear ... epicurean thinking about life stoic studying death christian hoping for life after death she points out next and I make a note ... first conclusion he wonders ... you even the core you especially the core you are never were never alone ... wasn't there always the point this has been done before ... a third they shot ... another third beheaded ... cannoned and sabred the final part ... juring nonjuring compliant and defiant kill them all they said god's already sorted them out ... live shorter live intense sir but who can say better ... when thought dies hope survives ... in the valley of system failure faith abides ... all the world womb opens ... love cries get ready pay attention up now and rise ... who said though shy the young girl's right ... silly spelling to drop the wl from holy

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