Tuesday, June 29, 2010


+ what's your defense ... 2: I thought it was just a skill in wordplay ... I thought the idea was to polish it ... I thought the sentiment expressed was subsequent in importance to the words used ... subsequently I focused on that skill with a mild ambition to stray into the world of ideas ... not getting much into that world I never suspected there was a more profound world after that ... namely that the purpose of the talk and the ideas was a conversation ... the other world was replete with people you can't see who are in a conversation you can't hear ... nonetheless you do get the idea and understand it from the start ... + what idea ... 2: that there is a part of us that does not change and cannot die ... that's the last thing we hope to see ... a first thing that starts a conversation that never ends that you can tap into any time if you know where to look ... + so the conversation you can't hear you do hear ... 2: yes but only by taking part ... by participation

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