Thursday, June 17, 2010


I should say this plainly as I am neither saint nor sage ... but a simple person with clever tastes and in most things most of the time out of my depth ... the pearl I have found of the greatest price in all my peregrinations is the things you can do with the spirit ... first off just the notion of spirit goes a long way to explain the peculiar imbalance of modern western culture ... the prevalence of atheism the runaway despair of suicide and abortion the peculiar stubborn and confused hammering away at some kind of point by the alcoholic and the drug addict ... in each case shallow or profound there's a most significant deprivation ... something is missing and calling for a response ... the point it says has been given ... it's neither mind nor simply mind over matter ... the struggle of modernity is deeper still than that ... brain in a vat or some kind of evolving and spreading though artificial intelligence robotic but so refined ... something without which all the story so far would be flat dry brittle not living ... spirit

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