Wednesday, June 09, 2010


the pacre is a concession in time to the spirit of the times ... its claim to convenience is meant to satisfy comfort ... its claim to relevance is its wilfull roaming nature ... for that too fits the spirit of the time ... never was a form whose demands were so relatively formless ... begin here end here put a title there ... but you know don't you it always is a prayer ... what undoes or makes a pacre is the quality of the conversation this implies ... god is always there but lord of creation he comes with priorities set ... some things matter more than most ... taken as a rule civility is best ... compassion is tender ... support should be strong ... and air is the breath of wisdom and the saints ... through a screen door in the dawn the light comes to us in a filter and summer follows ... through the words on the page starting up over here and coming down past me to the corner over there not one thing said someone hasn't meant before ... pacres hymn their praise ... the universal mantra

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