Tuesday, June 15, 2010


what must the world be like for the moral to be ontologically superior to the chemical and visual ... in the order of being what does it mean to be superior ... let's take the scholastic answer and say better being is more being ... it's better to work hard at a job you love than to stay at home depressed and alone ... there's more being as a rule in the active than in the passive ... let the water of analysis flow into their meaning ... judge them at their extremes ... what is the extreme of action and passion but joy and pain ... of moderate joy with reason consider a soul winning at chess ... or mediate pain with desire and call it the pain of not wanting to let go ... one is in the process of losing being the other is gaining it nonetheless ... and if you object to being as too general and vague an expression ah now so humbly I must suggest your thought has led you away from Being if you can believe that ... if thought and meaning and system have led you so far astray from what you must know first

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