Saturday, June 12, 2010


if we didn't think or fear too much that everything was a random flow of atoms we wouldn't now be killing babies in the womb ... if we didn't think of evil as just something to be corrected a mother couldn't kill the child in her womb ... if we hadn't grabbed too much the active part we'd understand potential better ... sometimes sometimes we do ... who can talk to a six-year old and look at her face as she's thinking and not love the future ... but that's what potential is ... on the other hand when someone wants to get nasty they threaten to take an atom and rip it apart ... that's potential too ... and one we do respect ... as opposed to the galaxy of atoms advanced already to the highest form of being we can understand ... for that lump of matter we have such a disposable contempt the men say leave it up to the women and the women greater fools agree and then suffer ... all for a potential what ... I'm not such a philosopher but I'll tell you what ... I already did ... look into a first grade face

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