Tuesday, June 29, 2010


let's start with the guy who likes to get stoned ... isn't he by definition the new age kind of guy ... and let's not dump on and dismiss him out of hand ridicule and gnosticize him when agnostic is the hero and gnostic this insubstantial villain of imprecision and indecision cloudy thought and weak will who nonetheless claims he's the one who knows the truth much better than the agnostic who says I don't even know what it means to know but this does seem to work ... rather let's stop picking on the gnostic ... take him out to lunch and get to know him better ... where does he live ... where does he come from ... how long has he been around ... with the least conversation you will learn he's as old as plato and pythagoras simon magus merlin and nostradamus ... you say stoic he says mystic but together they meet at the end ... you play plutarch he responds plotinus and you're still on level three of the christian era with seventeen more to follow just to catch up and this on only half the globe the other side of which is gnostic through and through ... from the start

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