Friday, June 25, 2010


if this were the only I I had to work with I'd never want to let it go ... thank god it's not ... or thank the devil that this other arrangement must instead ... there are so many i's and all in lower case who has the time to go back and dot them ... you'd think that capital fellow of twenty-five he'd have been the exception ... but no he's not the one ... what did he know ... what of the one who was forty ... wasn't he stable and set in his place ... flourished the ancients said of it ... the age of maturity ... no all it meant was good health ... we are no shakespeare if only because we have to live longer to understand so much less ... comes when then the time to put the case to rest ... I never found the moment I wanted to last ... each one was different ... not one was the best ... no two were even consistent though I'd mortar a batch and say it made sense ... no age no season no minute no day wasn't looking for tomorrow instead ... time broke us lord put us together

cf willard quine, word and object

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