Sunday, June 27, 2010


I don't know from time to time what lord means ... sometimes it means the lord sometimes the devil ... the saving graces are I usually get enough time to ask a question or two before acting or can follow a safe groove I've already furrowed one side habit the other routine ... but what if I woke up and the field is clear a big bang goes off and I start to run which way to go ... oh why did I start to run I wail I think I left my self behind but I can't stop now and go back and get it ... though each step forward has to feel false it has to be forward ... what the hell was that bang that got me started and made me run and run in the direction I was facing with all the rush of time behind me the wind of it howling in my ear ... the self behind me is gone as if it never was ... the one I think with now is fundamentally confused ... something something there is to which I am going ... lord let it be the truth

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