Wednesday, June 23, 2010


this one is quick but when it's done you say there wasn't much to it ... this one is slow but when you're done you say it's too much for you ... over the years you develop your own model somewhere in between ... you've got it down to an art or at least some kind of science with a functional kind of truth to it ... it's true because it works ... it keeps the plane level ... keeps it from crashing ... keeps it from tilting ... till level is routine and routine the heart of reality ... but you know you're headed for a wall where all this does you no good ... from one moment to the next you go from glide to full stop ... previous assumptions are over ... paper is handed in ... and meanwhile where are you ... waiting for your grade ... but on the bench hoping you didn't put too much trust in style ... how could you not when it seemed to work so well ... not just in you much more you acknowledge in others ... came a time though you say you had to sing the lyrics without the words

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