Friday, June 18, 2010


facing death with equanimity living life with moderation ... you can't tell by this who it is I'm describing ... the epicure or the stoic ... but if I said serving one god or many you'd know them right apart ... or if I said serving the universal or serving the particular you'd know them just as well ... but if I said solving the riddle between the two what name would come to mind ... if the epicure can explain matter and the stoic tell us form who can tell us why and who ... the world is a beast terrifying and exciting of chaos and contingency we must learn to accommodate ... so says the epicure ... this world is a code we must learn to follow says the stoic ... it will lead us into the presence of the one necessary being ... the universe itself ... but who says the third thing ... this world is both necessary and contingent for though it is contingent it is contingent on one thing only who is necessary

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