Wednesday, June 02, 2010


swift has fun in gulliver doesn't he ... talking about the high and low heeled factions ... he means I think the churches high and low in britain and ireland or perhaps in any religion anywhere ... say the pope and the cardinals or the preachers on the american frontier a century and a half ago ... say in politics the republicans and the democrats for the last two or three thousand years ... it's nice to have a king but there's always been some kind of representative government based on money and birth ... what there's never been is a direct government ... probably impossible when cities and armies came to be formed ... probably unusual before that ... just now very intriguing because of the internet ... vote for the president in the morning before you leave the house to go to work ... vote for war vote for peace vote for the budget ... vote for love or because you hate somebody but vote for the money ... women children ... let everyone vote ... how low is that

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