Thursday, June 24, 2010


the modern answer to problems in ethics is to pick a role and play it consistently ... the classic idea was to pick an idea and conform to it ... but then they revered ideas ... the christian agrees with both the modern and the classic ... be consistent he says in conformity to a real idea ... ideas he adds are reverential because they're referential to the mind of god ... they're the thoughts he's thinking ... and this mind of god and the word issuing from it is jesus christ ... no wonder the two pagans are upset ... the classic and the modern ... the first says in indignation we settled this two thousand years ago ... the modern says we'll settle you this time ... it's only what you'd expect ... they see this so-called synthesis as a simple superstition ... it's a viral menace invading and controlling a culture a thousand years at a time ... and what does it say ... god's a person like you or me ... what a theological absurdity ... people who think like this if you give them power what will they do

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