Friday, June 25, 2010


if you drink smoke or inject your vision I wonder if you'd agree it's like opening the windows or shutting them down ... you do it to change the air in the compartment that is just then your mind ... or in shorthand you do it to change your mind ... by changing the blood in the stream ... no matter how you phrase it you've got to admit the matter of it ... the chemicals in the room somehow got into the blood and the blood went to the brain straight more or less from the vine weed or poppy ... from earth to liquid to smoke to air ... it looks first to last it was a material thing ... so how can you support the flights of fancy or take any of them seriously and when you come down and see you're sitting by the open window what's to prevent your being pulled out of the house ... this record this testament is here to defend me ... that I only got high to go straight and each time I came to an end the advocate was there to guide me

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