Sunday, June 27, 2010


all my life I've tottered on just the right expression ... there it goes almost had it ... but I can at least be clear on this thing that makes me always just too late ... this dichotomy it seems my generation was born to and which lies at the genesis of our language and our thinking ... the subject and the object ... for us as for other generations before us the subjective and the objective each one wanting more as it were of the other ... in our case the subjective trying to break from its cocoon covered in this milky slimy viscous waste ... we want to break free and only to make this point ... the objective is personal ... the truth that's true for you and me the place we can all agree ... is personal ... where your interpretation and mine finally say the same thing ... ah I see it now ... that's what you mean ... we never meant to argue to no conclusion to no end ... we see the truth now ... it's a person

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