Tuesday, June 22, 2010


the man who persistently forgoes anger may stumble instead onto pride ... my contention is that he stumbles upward if this is his road because he's tumbled into the headquarters of the enemy we all must pass ... if he could just keep rolling he'd be all the way out ... if he should be humble humble quiet and patient he can kill pride as he did anger just in time to catch the end of his own story ... bait pride grate pride sprinkle the mind with its savor ... lead me not into temptation ... let it spread through the soul a foul contagion ... but deliver me from evil ... let me go where I'm needed let me do some good if I'd just pay attention when I should ... pay attention and remember ... if pride is the beginning of all moral evil then what is humility ... if moral evil is the source of all evil what do you call that which kills it an antidote or salvation ... soft sorrow lord and sighs and laughter ... the wisdom of the world passes away in silence

thank you st augustine via norman geisler the roots of evil

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