Sunday, June 13, 2010


ecstasy is when the id meets the superego head on without the mediation of the mind ... sexual ecstasy human female in its profundity and duration laughs away any male contention for the prize ... it's a privilege for a man to be a witness an honor to be in the game at the same time a heavy respnsibility to play a part ... you see where I'm going ... it wouldn't to both men and women be so addictive if the pleasure at the heart of it didn't keep calling us back to what ... what keeps calling us back but the touch and then the hope of the sublime ... call it the reproductive urge to be pushed and pulled into the flow of the species but don't forget to call it more ... in the same way or higher as a concept is to a pain ... ecstasy is to both ... there's not a language by which either man or woman can tell a friend what happened and not too many I think who would try ... in this satisfied reticence a certainty and reverence ... and then on again to the profane

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