Thursday, June 24, 2010


if we didn't have death we'd never shape up ... well I never would ... and I may not with it ... like lombardi's clock we would have won without it eventually ... but the clock is real and when it strikes somebody dies ... who can look at the clock and say that may be for me ... whoever does say it when he says it has a moment of truth ... for a moment is in truth ... the moment that truth begins to distress that's a new moment the old one is over ... truth doesn't distress but it does numb ... at the least it will calm ... we can spend years reacting to one moment of truth ... the rest of our lives ... eternity ... let's quit to the chase and go there now ... eternal life determined at the moment of mortality ... a dividing line between now and forever deserves in us a most impressive reaction ... all we've got ... at least for the moment ... we give it and we go out ... whether we go in some place else even as we exit depends does it not on which truth in that moment we must be hearing ... pass or fail

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