Wednesday, June 23, 2010


man if you're like me you're scared to hell of hell ... you may not be like me in much that follows but in that at least we're alike ... now here's where we may differ ... you may believe hell is an eternity away but if you fear it as I do that's not really what you think ... you will agree in principle will you not that hell is a lot closer than that ... just read a little history of man on earth you could say and I'm just the one to agree ... I think it's really just the one thing we ever really do fear ... the worst thing ever but wrapped up in an ancient curtain eaten by the moths with lots of consequent holes ... hang it from a chandelier and let the fire within it simmer ... disco hell always hovers at the back of the mind coloring what we see in the front of it ... and from time to time how many times a day would you say tries to bend our head down ... what is it the fear of ... what is it not there

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