Saturday, June 26, 2010


we fear death because we're afraid to be of no use ... to be that is to be no good ... this isn't you use me and I'll use you and together I'll get to the top whatever that is ... this is how can I be of service ... if we're going right and it's a good end we'd be proud to hold the door open till the end of time with nothing but the thought of that eternity to sustain us ... if it were going right and the end was good ... now whether it is or it isn't is more than a lifetime of discussion ... that means starting all over and still not finish ... but win or lose that argument there must still be death ... to choose not to serve is to choose death and we carry within us something that will not serve and must die ... you call it the body ... that may be just its house ... but it's going to the bad ending and you can't save it or save yourself from the sorrow that must mean to you ... how much of him this lost thing is me ... will choose to be no good ... of no use ... refuse to be of any service

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