Thursday, June 10, 2010


it's comforting to think about physics if you're one who values tradition ... to see the physicists confirming it ... take the traditional western bias concerning matter ... that the mental and the spiritual are of a higher order than the physical ... now see the physicist say we've done the studies and we can't find it ... we thought we had it but we broke it ... we thought we put the three parts together so you couldn't see the break when it fell again ... now each part we try to pick up crumbles like wet sand and we can't get a grain of it to stay ... we think matter is running from analysis ... we had it in an original box clearly labeled atom ... it broke apart into a novel interpretation ... a holy family of proton neutron and their child electron ... but each of them defied our control and has escaped ... into something we think is a force or a field ... something we can't touch but touches us ... something we can't see but surrounds us ... something we feel all inside us ... what is it ... an idea

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