Saturday, June 19, 2010


autistic or selfish with solipsism as the traffic cop in between ... couldn't help it or could have done better ... what's that a narrow track on the left and a wide highway on the right ... what I could have done if I had known better ... what I should have done because I did ... even the track has trails occasionally off to the side back to the road on to the highway ... even the fool in between has occasional grace and guidance ... how long did it seem I was unconnected at the center ... said A got B when I wanted A ... thought to the center it should have stayed the same ... thought to the back of me I really must turn ... the pain in your side pushes but naturally you resist it stumble a bit but recover and push back ... so the whole process winds up pulling you back ... invading repelling invading ... push and pull as long as there's life winds up pulling ... thing was there was that center ... you can see it pulsing in the mirror ... opens and pulls

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