Monday, June 14, 2010


when I believe in the pacre I am the most fulfilled I can expect to be for the rest of my life ... being is a gift ... being this particular way is a burden ... any time I can lighten the burden I can remember the gift and hold it even for ninety seconds ... even for one time only ... to look again and find it gone ... to look again for another ... where's your bottle ... where's the joint ... the passion and the sorrow ... revelation's grace it will not seem to linger ... but no less though you cannot see it does it center ... tell it to the last stop on the line ... the last bead on the wire waving sweetly into space as just then it hits the corner ... I'd do my part ... I'd even do it more often ... but the damn corner rips the spirit from my bone and I forget I had a life ... I put it in the pacre ... how could it be there and I so far from it ... look to your pacre ... pray it once a day ... sing the pacre as you wrote it ... for each of us has a pacre ... to each calling us home

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