Wednesday, June 30, 2010


there is a power that moves things ... the first movement is to knowledge ... the second is to love ... the first is to a representation of the thing known ... the second is to the thing itself ... a person that the knower loves ... you are drawn to the thing you love ... the first mover first puts a sign in front of us ... something we can sense something we can see something we can understand ... something to which we are naturally attracted ... but the attraction is to the intellect not the will ... it satisfies the mind not the soul because it's not the thing itself and it's no good without the thing it represents ... taking this line of thought don't we come to the conclusion that kant was right ... we never come to the thing itself by knowledge but only to its representation but we do come to this ding an sich through the will ... to the thing we love ... pulling us in ... and all the neokantians of the last century are also right ... we can play with the truth as a system shining with coherence but conforming to something we cannot comprehend

cf Aquinas, light of faith, the compendium of theology, 46

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