Thursday, June 24, 2010


if free will and divinity together make any sense at all the truth of it must be delightful ... if freedom and necessary truth can play the game together everyone must win ... if the absolute were at my left elbow nothing says I'd have to know that ... it's enough isn't it that he does ... the saint by the window in a moment of crisis hears the children sing pick up and read ... the sinner in his den does just that ... have you ever been in the cockpit of a sopwith camel ... no but I've done the next best thing I've read a good account by someone who had been ... were you with washington at the crossing or lincoln at the theater ... no but the next best thing I was with them in my mind ... were you with the savior in the garden were you beside him on the hill ... no but there's room for me still ... you said from a little tot you wanted to live in the moment of truth and little man and old man you've been somewhere in between the truth and something else ... wait till you see

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