Wednesday, June 23, 2010


here's the ego sailing through the id the way we do most of our perception ... but the ego knows you can't win the game this way ... the ancient greeks knew it ... you couldn't just propitiate the father ... the father was power itself but unpredictable uncontrollable irresponsible incommunicado ... cthonic and chaotic ... the teenager loves description ... from the father there just was no appeal so one had to be clever ... you could be the first born son the inheritor or the black sheep the waverer but you had to be the son ... the father had the right because he was right ... your father or the farther behind him ... because he made what was right from the start ... so you knew this much ... there was one thing substantial that counted and another that may or may not and that other was you ... a substance not original but made by relation ... a thing not necessary but by relation ... you the father and this relation

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