Tuesday, June 22, 2010


if you saw a bad thing coming at you and you had the time would you like to gaze into the center of it just to see how it worked even if you didn't have the time and the other means to stop it ... are you curious enough for that ... say a kind of star trek beam to take you to the bridge of the klingon battleship ... or the headquarters of the opposing party the october of the next fall election ... a spy card the only one in the deck you play it in the middle of the turn what do you expect you'll learn ... what is it in the enemy camp can provide you a better education ... or do you intend to make your visit much more permanent than you say now ... what is it in the enemy's mind can form yours better ... or is it the push and sweep of it the hell with the world of it let us go forward ... the most satisfied self must still want to put his finger in the stream still want to test it in the wind to see whch way it's blowing ... it has to blow to someone's advantage ... might as well be yours ... collaborate

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