Sunday, June 20, 2010


death defying as a rule seems self-defeating ... sooner or later he's going to get mad ... there is though the benefit of getting it over with before pain or fear of it brings also humiliation ... not done well ... the shame of it ... but on the whole death evading appears the better strategy ... which is fine as long as he agrees ... but when death goes hunting he has only to touch you once and he's got you on the run for the rest of the course ... is that him I feel in my gut sitting on the bench spot for spot where I am ... the older you get the less they work you for others ... now it's a struggle against death for ourselves ... it's the harry of it makes it seem not worthwhile ... the worry of it beneath our natural dignity ... a reeducation ... a rehabilitation ... you walk into the school under the arch ... the motto reads memento mori and all the faculty of it would have you agree ... 'cept your mind further universal 1/3

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