Saturday, June 05, 2010


cc or chronic curiosity is the silent killer of our culture ... silent because we don't talk about it ... and a killer because it kills us in our weakest dimension time ... its most prevalent symptom by far is the expression I want to see something new ... and the most depressing consequence by far can be heard in the expression I have seen it ... that's sad enough but take the frantic variety ... the hurry hurry and lose it kind ... the kill taste by surfeit type ... the bring down the upright in as by eating enough to bury it in a heap maneuver ... the fortunes we win only to piss away ... the women we chase only to abandon ... what is this passion for something new to hold it when it can't be held ... to go down to florida and take a hurricane by the throat to go back to ny and hold a bottle by the hand ... I tell you all this is nothing to what I can do ... only give me some decades and all the money I can borrow ... I'll build you a whole house by books or games ... by collection

cf griffiths, intellectual appetite

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