Sunday, June 20, 2010


the answer will always be found in one word and if you say it right you have the catholic faith in all its unique grandeur ... all the world says the word but says it with a gnostic fervor ... in whatever language they speak allah brahma christ it's still the simplicity of abc ... only the catholic faith of the last points to it in time ... before time but then in that moment of time ... but a moment in time must pass no matter how long it lingers ... and there came a time in that moment when jesus was dead on the cross ... came even thereafter another time and he was gone again ... a time which now indeed has lingered and still does ... what for two thousand years has stood in his place ... and if you say the church I will be the last protestant to turn to rome and say roman catholic an oxymoronic joke the highest of the genre indeed sublime ... but still aka the spirit 3/3

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