Wednesday, June 09, 2010


put off one and wait for the other or tackle one and help the other ... the one and the other ... where does the one come from ... who is the other ... I'll take a shot at the one ... he's a body ridden with holes ... when you look into the hole there's nothing there ... and that's a particular worry for one ... for there are some holes that shouldn't be there ... there's something about one you must say that's intimately private ... to be hit in the middle of that privacy by something that isn't there he must find intolerable ... if it were there he might expel it ... but it's not there ... you look there but it's missing ... now one must be practical practical to have survived to have touched and to have moved the things that are ... but this is something that's not ... the bitter point of the stroke is when it pulls away ... when it tears away something that should have remained ... that's the complaint one must have ... this thing that isn't there won't let him alone ... it keeps pulling

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