Friday, June 04, 2010


don't take counsel of your fears ... l'audace toujours l'audace ... stonewall jackson for number one danton for the second ... the general was puritanical calvinistic or like a prophet from the old testament ... the minister if not profligate had a spirit that could bear to be but chose instead to be professional ... and chose it about the time he chose the law ... about the time he saw the king he would unking crowned at reims cathedral ... both men had their strength in steadiness yet were best when on the attack ... who could say that more good came from what danton did ... who can say as much for jackson ... both men held the scourge in their right hand riot and musket volleys ... and both flew on the wings of spirit ... they flew above courage because a higher virtue was pulling them up ... rocking by my window on a bitter winter night I remember how they both died in spring ... both had young wives ... both small children ... one lost his arm the other his head ... fly sons of revolution on the wings of a dove

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