Sunday, June 20, 2010


determined ... it's one of the best things you can say about a person ... yet if we believe in free will it could rather be an insult to our intelligence ... an insult of the deadliest kind since it tends more than not to kill intelligence by denying the existence of the soul ... oddly enough this view winds up with a reverence for logic ... as if it discovered a new god and one without a troublesome personality ... a kind of machine that made the most interesting puzzling and terrifying works of art ... all we can do is mimic and try to keep up ... there's a lot of plausible beauty in what they say because there's a lot of plausible beauty in what they talk about ... and power ... these are the people who brought us the atomic bomb ... there is a hard sense fine and precise between physics and psychology between math and history but they love to play in the fairground in between ... but what is it being determined ... the subject of the experiment ... and what am I sitting here irresolute

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