Thursday, June 24, 2010


what if the place on which christian soldiers march and the place to which is leading is the same place just one of them not knowing that it is ... what if in the backroom at move-on they're already planning highways in space while in the churches back on earth the trumpet call is readying that will bring all the walls and highways down completely for an entirely new world to follow forever ... couldn't move-on just catch up ... what if in some corner of that same back room a possee of mathematicians should gather and plot the universal vectors and victims to one small finite point some tomorrow exponentially but precisely distant and absolutely under no conditions any further or longer than that ... would the churches still have time to come to some sort of agreement on which books to take when all the lights go out

with apologies to move-on christians: I'm just imagining move-on as one being, secular, liberal, and gnostic

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