Saturday, June 12, 2010


I have such a fellow inside me I call him mr id ... and I'll tell you how I know him ... we meet each day for a formal talk and it's a bad day when we don't leave laughing ... this isn't like talking to the lady superego ... I don't know but I think I smile more in her presence than laugh ... but mr id and I we go a long way back ... I don't pretend to like him ... I just fear I do too much ... and such a thing I know would be unwise ... the fellow has a poor tolerance for frustration ... I try we all try to give him what he wants your mr id and mine ... he's not a good sport ... but all this in mind we still do get to laughing ... or in the red sunset down by the country store we get to looking at the women ... not all of them mind you ... just the winsome ... between the laughter and the sighs I can't tell which we'd rather be doing .. but if we linger I can put my finger up to the stars to trace a future reference ... mr id I wonder how will he fare up there

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