Saturday, June 26, 2010


if god did not make me or if god is anything less than all good and powerful what guarantee is there for anything stable or anything true ... or that I would know it if I met it ... who then am I to tell anyone what I think ... if there is no god as god should be ... but that there is a devil of that we all can be sure ... just read the history books and see if all tyrants aren't alike ... just think of yourself on any one bad night ... you're in the presence of something unworldly bad ... a hole in your gut a hole in your head you can figure how they could be ... a fire a flood earth slipping from its orbit these are things we can count on one way or the other ... but malignancy ... the actual destructive will ... not the loss and pain it leaves behind but the thing itself so close at hand ... the hate-filled breath on the back of your neck ... if this present thing is not taken away how could anyone live to lie down beside it ... what fence bar or cage could keep it away ... if there is no god as god should be

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