Thursday, June 03, 2010


the thought that the idea that's the thing we want ... that transcends space and time ... it is a thing we want more of having just a touch of it to catch our interest ... but it's not the thing we want is it ... that's the thing we still want when everything else fails ... in the hours of the night before the night is long and the light must be put out the ideas come round to talk ... like the gods at table they sit down to play ... freedom leads the pack in a minor suit gets trumped by form sees the trick taken by fashion ... that's the night ... tomorrow they'll each play someone else ... they never do any one of them win all the time ... and the galaxies gather their strength to start their return together ... what was it you barely hear but all the time ... the choir singing but always lip to ear ... the sound is thrilling ... this card you play now will win or lose ... the throne ... the guillotine ... the game ... the thrill of the moment ... all nothing ... only you lord

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