Monday, June 28, 2010


I have no defense ... I have an advocate ... I have a defender ... but I have no defense ... I must throw myself on the mercy of the court on the advice of my lawyer ... it's a murder trial ... I killed the best me ... I cut him up and hung him on a tree ... I killed the truth the truth was dead because of me ... the truth was dead to me and this is what a dead truth means ... this is what it does ... it withers the ground beneath your feet and whispers everything will be all right ... it kills your sixth sense and your common sense too ... it gives you false hope and the wrong answer ... it's called death damnation and despair ... pray god means praise god it should scare the hell out of you that it does ... or what's an advocate for ... that she holds you up as you fall by holding on to your heart ... that he raises you from the dead by turning you into the truth ... you think you have a choice and you do but this is your only choice ... the advice of your counsel and the living truth behind you in you for you ... or the unholy trinity that always wants you dead

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