Friday, June 11, 2010


consider if jesus were god ... I give you the subjunctive to honor your cause as a courtesy to the argument and to you ... if what the church and tradition have said these twenty centuries not just god but personally god as reason is true then whenever I practice reason or resist the impulse to deny it I follow jesus ... not the narrow kind of logic in the box too small to know it but radiant logic from the one true set of assumptions ... logic in the service of reason's intuition ... sensible confidence that things turn out right not by self-contradiction but by wisdom and the layers of knowledge ... by the justified hope that we will always learn more ... by the relief humility provides and the peace of simplicity ... by the conclusion that this world is not my friend ... that my house and my heart are pledged to a better ... that reason shows the way through this maze of minor major and mass crucifixions ... to the universal center ... to a man whose arms open wide to call us home

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