Saturday, June 26, 2010


you can't get through the day if you never focus ... but to focus means to exclude ...the trick is to find the focus that doesn't do that ... say a range up to one thousand and one number in that range brought everything into focus and didn't leave anything out ... presumably you could go around thereafter doing everything just right ... if there were such a number if there were such a thing ... for me to see you as you really are I'd have to have that big a picture ... to understand you more and more thoroughly we'd have to go out and not in ... what you know what you love can't be taken from you ... see from such a tiny village what a great metropolis you've become ... me too and everyone we know ... who has the time for all that detail ... but that's it ... that's the missing number the prescription for the all-seeing eye ... the amount of minutes in the day when we love what we see ... when we know it for what it is and we love it

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