Wednesday, June 30, 2010


if christianity is true then then this is too ... the body comes to death because it's infected ... the mind comes to death too because it's affected ... the spirit comes to death because it's effective ... the mind on the road to death says it's already affected ... it wanders and it sleeps in stupefaction that the body must die but worst of all it knows itself as a collaborator in the process ... it knew at fifteen at ten at five what it was doing ... that the odds against it being right were too high but it did it anyway because it would ... its will is wrong ... its affection is misdirected it pleads ... by its body infected from the start ... by its own disease and bad luck ... the body knows better and traces both back to the mind ... until the mind exhausted falls asleep ... now if ever the body is to be healed now that the mind's asleep this is the time for the soul's succour ... the mind hears something and begins to stir ... sends out messengers who come back as mysterious characters with cryptic reports ... wake master ... it comes

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