Sunday, June 06, 2010


the argument against porn is the argument against sexploitation in general ... that it takes an abstraction and plays it out of proportion ... a foot fetish to confirm the image of the argument ... as you mainstream north the popularity proportion rises ... calf thigh ass belly and breast ... but the connoisseur knows that it's the face that's the real stamp of approval without which the grade is incomplete ... see here may say both sides of the argument how abstraction plays across the features of the face ... the forms it takes ... and notice how they all take their home in the eye ... how it narrows during the interview ... widens in surprise during the performance ... checks in a flash to see if you're still there ... closes ... what a wonder that a face with the eyes closed can still say so much ... see so much ... from the garden to the wall running over the grass gliding techniquely in slow motion ... rising hand on her hip breast rising arm stretching the fruit in her hand her mouth her faraway eye

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