Sunday, June 13, 2010


error ... error rules the way ... it's an evil in logic as it is in the soul ... but evil is parasitic upon the good ... upon Being ... it moves as being does but it moves toward lesser being ... it doesn't shine but it's in the light ... intending darkness it aims at nothing ... that's its logical conclusion and by logical implication it goes on there's nothing to stop it to serious radical ultimate nothing ... god please the assumption is wrong ... that there is something to hold it ... nothing itself perhaps is logically parasitic on something anything everything ... perhaps finally it can only pretend to be or rather be solely as pretense ... there Being lets the rebellious child go ... too young too inexperienced so new ... I will not be my parents the teenager says ... we've done it this way a hundred generations but we're the ones who'll say stop ... we do ... and are sent to the corner ... what is that darkness where these two walls were supposed to meet

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