Monday, June 28, 2010


what would happen to everyman if he stumbled into the outer reaches of angelic wit ... wouldn't the least abstraction cause him to fall ... doesn't it when we consider cause a small start towards genuflection ... the power of the mind in the abstract idea ... who must have been the first to discover it ... not as we would say today starstruck but as they said then godstruck ... pythagoras with his numbers moses with his law plato his forms aristotle his causes ... socrates' stationary day when he stood still in the field in contemplation of a new idea ... listening to the god who explained it ... the messenger god at the necessary least on the fringes of angelic wit ... the larger his portfolio the higher his grade all the way up to the archangel who announces the keystone to the true arch of triumph ... the ark of the species ... the arc of mankind his story and his time ... acolytes hurry up and form ... painters bring your pails ... clerks your stylus and tablets of wax ... build cathedrals for his house

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