Monday, June 21, 2010


there is a shredder of souls ... god protect us in this knowledge ... he chews the body into fragments ... he paralyzes the mind ... he takes the seamless spirit and rips it apart ... often when the body receives a severe shock the mind's first response is that wasn't so bad ... even when it is ... when it sees that it is it shuts down ... only jumbled words and images get through the shredder now ... when the mind tries to reply it can't be sure who's speaking ... the old style clock on the wall you can read but you can't be sure if it's after noon or midnight ... the curtains are drawn round your head ... you'd do well then to listen if only you had the ears of your old interest to do it ... there is within you now a soul the lion only mimics ... a spirit graceful as a shark but with its own malevolent eye ... a murderer a liar from the beginning here at the end to kill you with the truth that you're not worth saving ... god knows he might be right ... god send us each the advocate

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