Friday, June 25, 2010


if I do what I would not do if I had my way with myself whose way is it ... if I set aside precedent logic and act against its good sense how can that be if I haven't lost my mind ... or better yet I'm just out of it because my mind has lost me ... I just missed the bus ... there it is crossing my T ... and there's the one I love to be sitting in my seat looking at me ... I could run all day in that bus's fumes and never catch up ... there it goes taking that better part with it ... not once but three or four times a week ... until the only part I wanted to know the only part worth talking to is gone away now way up the line ... I am what I said ... as I was what I heard and I saw ... I am what I ate with my eyes ... but of all that which in pride it was only the dross of the ashes remains ... the heart of my hope the pride of my joy is over the bridge and gone away ... late for work ... late for the day ... I miss now even the night ... I miss now lord I miss you

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