Thursday, June 17, 2010


why do humans love sex so much ... or rather to narrow it down why does the id love it so much and the ego allow it ... they must both gain something by it ... the ego satisfies and placates the id which it must think adds to universal order ... but what's in it for the id ... you say pleasure ... of course but I think the pedant must ask what does that mean ... the ego I think can express it ... it brings us back into frame ... there does come a time when we're all happy to be in the present ... to live in the center of time justifying both future and past ... the opportunities to be so centered come generally in the course of time not often ... but sex is one of them ... forget old recriminations and new causes for concern self-denial self-condemnation self-defense forget the self at all ... condense it ... bring it to just this particle of time ... precisely precisely just this point there now ... then let it pour out ... it fills the plain ... time and space never meet till they're both so flooded they'd rather just drown

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